High Country Huts

Mansfield & Mt Buller, High Country Huts
Rugges Heritage

Dotted throughout the landscape, these quaint, rustic and often iconic mountain huts are part of our region's rich heritage.

Drop into the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre, or call 1800 039 049 for information about local High Country Huts.

PLEASE NOTE: Access tracks to many huts are now closed to vehicles for Winter and will re-open in Spring.

Relics of the Past

Mansfield & Mt Buller, High Country Huts

Whilst these historic huts may seem quaint and rustic, when it came to surviving the wild mountain weather, they literally meant the difference between life and death to cattlemen and women as well as bushwalkers.

Some of the huts are named for the families of bushies who lived in them, like Lovick’s and Fry’s huts. High Country huts and their role in the history of the area have been featured in Australian Geographic, and legend has it that Jim Fry, who supported his family in the remote Fry's Hut for 30 years, was the inspiration fo Neville Schute's "A Far Country".

Some huts were destroyed in the 2006/07 bush fires, however, most of the remaining huts are accessible to bushwalkers and four wheel drivers while some are stopping points on saddleback tours.

Make sure you take the time to visit one of the High Country Huts and experience an intrinsic part of our regions rich heritage.

For full details, maps and other information on High Country Huts, drop into the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre or call 1800 039 049.

Top Huts to Visit

Fry’s Hut

Master Bushman, Fred Fry, built his home in the late 1930s. Using split timber and his own personal style of workmanship he erected many huts in the region. READ MORE

Lovick's Hut

Located on Mt Lovick, Lovicks Hut, marks the spot where one of the original cattlemen’s huts stood until 2003. Hikers can access the hut from the east from the direction of Mt Howitt, while horseriders and 4WD vehicles can head over from the Bluff. Lovicks Hut is accessed via the 4WD Bluff Track off Brocks Track. READ MORE

Ritchie’s Hut

Nestled amongst the mountains and on the banks of the Howqua River, you'll find Ritchie's Hut. Originally built by local craftsman Fred Fry, the hut was a genuine Heritage slab construction, built as a fishing hut for the Ritchie family of Mansfield. The construction of the new hut, located on the same site as the old one, utilised recycled materials and original building techniques wherever possible. It is a 6km trek from the 8 Mile camping area on Brocks Rd, access from Sheepyard Flat, Merrijig. READ MORE

Bluff Hut

Located in the Alpine National Park, Bluff Hut is the third highest hut in Australia. The orginal hut, built in the 1950's, was burnt down in the 2007 fires and has since been rebuilt. READ MORE

Craig’s Hut

An icon of the region, Craig’s Hut has a remarkable history. Originally constructed as a movie set for The Man From Snowy River, the hut became a local landmark and a symbol of settler history. It burnt down in the 2007 bushfires and was rebuilt by popular demand. The hut itself offers astonishing views across the High Country ranges, including Mt Cobbler the so-called ‘sleeping indian’. Craig’s hut is an excellent High Country destination and a great spot to stop for lunch. Look for the interpretive panels inside, which detail local history, flora and fauna. READ MORE

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