Craig's Hut

Mansfield & Mt Buller, Craig's Hut
Spirit of Mountain Cattlemen

Although the movie is fiction, out here you’ll find that the characters and the story of the Man From Snowy River ring true.

PLEASE NOTE: Access tracks to Craig's Hut will be open until Queen's Birthday weekend in June.

Craig's Hut - one of the most famous High Country huts. Perched atop Mt Stirling, Craig’s Hut offers stunning views of the ranges and is one of the regions most photographed landmarks.

First built as a set for The Man From Snowy River film, the hut has now become an iconic symbol of Australia’s settler history.

Drivehorse-ridemountain-bikefly or hike … but however you get to the hut, make sure to pack a picnic. Why not book a spot on a local tour of Craigs Hut and enjoy a catered feast, complete with High Country wines and mountain tales.

If you’re willing to stick around until dark, you’ll also be treated to the starry spectacle of the Milky Way uninterrupted by city lights. Craig's Hut is 19km from Telephone Box Junction and can be accessed via the Circuit Road. There is a 4WD track that leads directly to the hut. Or there is a 1200m walking track which begins at the Day Visitor Area, 1km before the turn-off to the hut.

Note that access to Craig's Hut is subject to seasonal road closures, call the Mansfield Visitor Centre on 03 5775 7000 for current information.