Scenic Flights

Mansfield & Mt Buller, Scenic Flights
Breathtaking views

Float through cotton-wool clouds on a crisp morning balloon flight or soar above the majestic mountains on a scenic helicopter flight - the High Country scenery will take your breath away.

Helicopter & Balloon Flights

For a different perspective on life and the land, take a scenic helicopter or balloon flight.

Sense time stand still as your balloon hangs above the rolling hills and paddocks of the High Country. Or feel the exhilaration and freedom as you arc across the mountains on your scenic helicopter flight.

Experience the thrill of a remote landing at a picturesque location followed by a leisurely walk and a glass or two of quality local wine or a warming mug of hot chocolate in the cooler months.

From way up high, you’ll glimpse the far-reaching tendrils of Lake Eildon and the endless earthy waves of the Great Dividing Range.

Truly once in a lifetime memories, there are some images that you will never forget. Cotton-wool clouds whisping through the valleys as the sun kisses the summits is one of them. A perfect way to mark that special occassion.