About Us

Rugged mountains, rolling snow plains, rushing rivers, gentle lakes and sweeping grasslands make for an ever changing, ever lovely backdrop. Inspiring views are just the start. Four distinct seasons  and varied terrain means that life is lived to the fullest outdoors.

The High Country

The stunning landscape may change with the seasons, and the activities on offer- but the magic of the mountains and the warmth of it's people never fades.

Whether you're here for a relaxing escape or adventure in the outdoors, there's lots on offer.

Induldge in the local food and wine, head into the bush horse riding, walking and mountain biking, or soak up the local creative talent. Enjoy a picnic by the river, spent an afternoon fishing, explore historic towns and villages or simply take in the stunning views.

You can count the stars in the Milky way from your swag, the balcony of your luxury hotel or country cottage and awaken feeling refreshed, revitalised and truly alive.

Experience a warm welcome and a taste of good old fashioned country hospitality.

Whether you come for a weekend, a week or forever, in Mansfield Mt Buller you will leave the stresses and pressures of everyday life behind.

That’s the spirit of the High Country.

Tourism Association

Mansfield Mt Buller Regional Tourism Association (MMBRTA) is a public not-for-profit organisation whose primary focus is to provide visitors with an exceptional experience. Our aim is to raise the profile of our region and to establish Mansfield Mt Buller as a destination of choice for visitors.

Financial commitment and support is provided by Mansfield Shire Council (MSC) and the Mt Buller Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board (RMB) who have appointed MMBRTA as a contractor to provide visitor information, booking services and the promotion of the region as a tourism destination.

Bookings made through Mansfield Mt Buller Regional Tourism Association provide support for our local tourism industry and assists us in providing visitor services in our region.