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Go bushwalking in the High Country and you’ll feel the majesty of the Australian bush melt into your heart. The ancient rolling hills and towering eucalypts are unlike any other place on earth.

Surrounded by State Forests and National Parks, Mansfield Mt Buller offers breath-taking hiking and bushwalking for all fitness levels. Bushwalks range in duration from under an hour to multiple days, but no matter how far you hike the tranquillity of the Australian bush is bound to ease worries and enliven the spirit.

And for a really unique experience, you can visit one of the mountain huts scattered through the High Country hills. So head out and go hiking along crystal clear rivers or stride up a mountain peak. One footstep at a time, you’ll reconnect with nature… and yourself. Download our High Country Adventure Guide to get started...

Walks and hikes

Mansfield & Mt Buller, Hiking and Walking

Grab the kids, pack a picnic and head for the hills. Spend a day in nature.

Many shorter bushwalks are accessible by two-wheel drive and are within an hour’s drive of Mansfield.

For the more adventurous it’s possible to four-wheel drive out to more remote locations and embark on a multi-day hike into the Australian Alps – often linking in with the Australian Alps Walking Track.

For detailed information contact the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre.

Remember to let someone know where you are going and it's a good idea to complete a TRIP INTENTION FORM.

Trail Run Mt Buller

Mansfield & Mt Buller, Walking and Hiking

A cool climate, along with stunning views, varied terrain and a range of trails to suit all levels combine to create one heck of a trail running experience.

Mt Buller’s pristine environment and sensational trails have long been popular with walkers, hikers and mountain bikers, and now offers trail runners an ideal destination – just three hours’ drive from Melbourne. READ MORE

Walking tours

Where to walk


    • 12.3 km
    • 1 day
    • 11 km
    • 9 hours
    • 5 km
    • 3 hours
The Paps Mansfield Mt Buller

The Paps Walk

    • 24 km
    • 2 days
    • 1.5 km
    • 1.5 hour
    • 3.1 km
    • 45 minutes
Family Trail

Family Trail Walk

    • 4.4 km
    • 2 hours
    • 9.5 km
    • 4 hours
    • 8.6 km
    • 3 hours
    • 5.6 km
    • 2 hours

Estate Spur Circuit

    • 4 km
    • 2 hours