Mind Body Bike – Women’s Festival

195 Summit Road, Mount Buller, Victoria, 3723MAP

    • 17 Feb 2023   
    • 18 Feb 2023   
    • 19 Feb 2023   

    The Mind Body Bike (MBB) Women’s Festival is an annual weekend gathering held at Mt Buller in the stunning Victorian High Country.

    MBB was first held in February 2017, founded on the vision of connecting women of all backgrounds and interests by providing space to disconnect. Physically, mentally and emotionally. It has now grown to offer a youth program and specific days for girls and boys in January each year.

    Their mission is to promote the importance of being both ‘physically fit and mentally strong’.

    All of their MBB programs incorporate physical, creative and wellness elements. The annual women’s festival offers a range of creative based workshops, cooking, wellbeing classes, lifestyle and fitness, with the flexibility of attending one workshop or the entire weekend.

    They hope to provide enough range to attract and inspire all women to attend, as individuals or in groups. Their hosted and hands on workshops have limited numbers for maximum impact.

    Reconnect. Re-engage. Recharge.