Gin Blending Masterclasses 

54 Greens Road Maindample Victoria
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$200 - 200

  • 9 Dec 20231:00pm - 3:00pm

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Make your own bottle of gin! Now is the time to harness your inner scientist!

You will be presented with up to 15 individual distillations such as juniper, citrus, vanilla, and pepper berry and encouraged to taste these before deciding upon a selection of them, from which you will craft your own signature gin that is suited to your style and palette. Build on the traditional blend of botanicals; as you use beakers and test tubes to blend 250mLs of gin and bottle it into one of Mrs Baker’s elegant apothecary-style bottles. Take it home with you, custom labelled and proudly displaying your name as the mater blender!

You will take home a bundle including:
200mL bottle of your own gin - custom labelled by you! A record of the gin components, a Mrs Baker's pen, and an illustrated booklet with botanical insights.

Attendees must be 18 plus years of age to participate.