Top 5 High Country Adventures

Spin, ride, splash, feast, fly! 5 excellent reasons to stay another day ...


Whether you're spinning pedals, immersing yourself in echoes of the past, relaxing in style, indulging or seeing the world from a new perspective, a trip to Mansfield Mt Buller is always a unique adventure. Read on to find out our Summer 'must dos' ...

1. Freedom on Two Wheels

With open roads and off-road action, Mansfield Mt Buller IS freedom on two wheels. Surrounded by some of the most scenic and challenging cycling country in the world, the High Country is a hub for road ridingmountain biking and recreational riding.

2. High Country Horses & Huts

Dotted throughout the landscape, these quaint, rustic and often iconic mountain huts are part of our region's rich heritage. Walk, four wheel drive, trot, canter or gallop in the 'hoofsteps' of Victoria's pioneers. The mountains, rivers and trails await.

3. Unwind on the Water

Relax, swim, paddle or fish in the sparkling rivers of the Delatite, King, Jamieson, Goulburn and Howqua rivers, as well as the calmer waters of Lake Eildon and Lake Nillahcootie. If you prefer a faster-paced break, wakeboarding and water skiing might be a more adrenalin raising way to enjoy our Lakes and Rivers.

4. Cellar Doors & Local Delights

Strike up a chat with the people that actually grow, produce and make your food! The High Country folk who grow, bake, pick, roast and crush local tipples and produce are passionate about (and good) at what they do.

5. Flights of Fancy

Sense time stand still as your balloon hangs above the rolling hills and paddocks of the High Country. Or feel the exhilaration and freedom as you arc across the mountains on your scenic helicopter flight

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