Mansfield Armchair Cinema Mansfield

  • They have everything you need
  • They have everything you need
  • Enjoy their Bean Bags

The Mansfield Armchair Cinemas are a unique community movie theatre.

When it opened for business in 2009, the cinema was the first fully digital operation in Australia and was considered a rare facility in a regional town the size of Mansfield. Included in their 60 seating cinema, are huge bean bags and leather recliner seats.

Located in Mansfield at the end of the High Street, the cinema is available seven days a week for group bookings and private functions. While Public screenings are on Friday and Tuesday nights, all day Saturday as well as Sunday and Wednesday.

The fully licensed bar and coffee machine appeals to the everyone while the fully stocked candybar and slushie machine is loved by children.

Mansfield Armchair Cinema provides local students the opportunity to join and gain the skills and experience through School Based Apprenticeships. The students are trained to operate the technical side of the cinema, as well as hospitality and the business management skills.

Their projectors are DCI Compliant, this enables you to relax with a Wine or Beer and enjoying the latest Blockbuster Movies.

Cinema One has a three dimensional Emitter installed with the latest technology allowing them to screen three dimensional films in high resolution resulting in the highest quality film, making you feel you could reach out and touch the images.

Cinema Two with its retractable stage and screen can also cater for live productions, concerts, music and state of the art interactive whiteboard.

Flexibility in the MAC's seating design allows 110 people to enjoy simultaneous screening in both cinema's. This seating is vital for Fundraising Movie Nights for Mansfield's Community Groups.




1 Chenery Street, Mansfield, 3722